English Labradors in Black and Yellow

AK Labradors is based in upper Montgomery County, Maryland on a 16 acre family farm. The farm is approximately forty-five minutes away from Washington, D.C. We specialize in breeding show-quality Black and Yellow English Labradors, which meet the breed standards set by the American Kennel Club. Labradors are one of the most popular breeds in the world, and for good reason.  Labradors are known for their loyalty and playfulness.  They are highly intelligent. They have loving and gentle temperaments and are very good with children of all ages and with other animals. They make excellent companions and family dogs.  Labradors often enjoy retrieving balls and engaging in other forms of activity. They are good athletes and their webbed toes and thick, relatively waterproof coats make them excellent swimmers. 


Individual dogs may vary in size, but in general, AK Labrador strives to breed show quality dogs, which are generally heavier built, with slightly shorter bodies than American (field-bred) Labradors.  They have thick coats and tails.  We breed our dogs to have these physical traits and characteristics and most notably the gentle and loyal temperament that sets this breed apart. AK Labrador has state-of-the-art kennel facilities for our dogs with adjoining fields in which they play. Our dogs and puppies receive loving care and highly individualized attention.  Each morning begins with a romp around the grounds, ball retrieving and a swim in our creek. Each day ends with the same.  Our dogs have ample room to play and exercise and socialize with one another and with people.


Our puppies stay in our family home with their mom until they are old enough to be weaned.  Breeding such beautiful dogs and watching them grow from the moment they are born until they go to their forever homes is an incomparable delight. There is nothing as adorable and sweet as a Labrador puppy!

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